BlueArp arpeggiator set up

Hi all,

i am having trouble getting Blue Arp to work.

I’m on windows XP.

the instrument appears in my instrument list but so far it is not arpeggiating.

so most likely/hopefully i am doing something wrong with the settings and midi channels.

can some one explain me how to set it up correctly?

any help is much appreciated!


You’re using Renoise 3.1?

MIDI plugins have a special ‘MIDI routing’ option that you can configure from the plugin properties panel

From there, simply select any other instrument/plugin that you want Blue Arp to control.

Thanks a lot!

Works like a charm!

Hello! Please send template *.xrns work file BlueArp arpeggiator. I am having trouble getting Blue Arp to work.

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This xrns example uses Blue Arp and U-He Tyrell which is a freeware - this is the download page for Tyrell if you do not have it already

Blue arp is working/sequencing Tyrell in the attached Renoise project, download below “bluearp template”

bluearp template.xrns (17.1 KB)

Thanks. My mind understood everything. The problem is solved. Thanks.

It would be a nice feature to record the bluearp notes to a track

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There is very likely a way to set that up using virtual midi ports. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this, but I am quite sure that using virtual midi ports this is totally possible.