Bluescreen/Reboot When Going From Directsound To Asio

Haven`t got time to re-test this at the moment but is reproducable.

With a RAM heavy song I changed from Direct sound drivers to ASIO (Maudio 24/96), got a brief Blue screen with windows checking something (think it was page file related ,will see tomorrow). Then Windows completely restarts with options to start normally or in safe mode.

Update tomorrow, but one for people to be aware of…

I think this is soundcard & system dependent, switching from ds to asio4all on relatively ram heavy songs during play switches without errors.

In understand that this is a showstopper and you probably even have lost some work, but blue screens and or windows reboots are always driver bugs. There’s really not much we can do here. As hard as we could try, as buggy Renoise may be, we never can cause such things directly. Only drivers or faulty hardware can.

No work lost so no worries. I will update drivers and see if that helps.