Bluescreens when Working with external MIDI

I never had problems like this before. When I play and record some notes from my extern synth using a Esi MU4 interface the hole system goes down when I select my midi instruments, any tips on how I could to solve this, happend 3 times to day…


Does this happen in other hosts too?

Did you made any software changes just before these events occurred?
-driver updates
-platform updates
-system configuration changes

You might want to try a harddisk check, check for fragmentation or perform a checkdisk.
Do a system analysis on your hardware (chipset / memory / CPU)

Also, if your pc restarts when it goes down you should goto “Setup and Recovery” in System Properties and remove “Automatically Restart”. That way you can read the bluescreen (if there is one).

every time I record some stuff, and then add vsti, and then go back to the midiinstrument (external synth) my pc closes down…

This is probably a dupe of topic…c=15795&hl= right?
May i suggest to remove this one and continue on the existing one?

Back again

No its only i renoise I get the problem.

Driver are all the latest, I try both WDM and normal.

playing with the channel setting did something I think, before it went down at the moment I reselected på external midi device, ill test again now

“Do a system analysis on your hardware (chipset / memory / CPU)”

this is done in windows right?

“Also, if your pc restarts when it goes down you should goto “Setup and Recovery” in System Properties and remove “Automatically Restart”. That way you can read the bluescreen (if there is one)”

ill do that now


So both WDM and MME driver cause the problem?

Yes, and it still does, always when going back to the midi device.

I get this error signature

BCCode : 100000d1 BCP1 : F888C822 BCP2 : 00000002 BCP3 : 00000008
BCP4 : F888C822 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1



Might this info be of help?:…cfm/441377.html

If you disable the "auto restart" option in System Control Panel -> Advanced -> System startup and recovery options you'd see the actual BSOD.  
The Bugcheck code you are receiving 0x1000001D is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL  
I have posted a description here:  
(slightly different error message, but the same root cause).  
Your options:  
a) locate the memory.dmp file and submit it to for automated analysis.  
b) post the memory.dmp file somewhere where we can get it  
c) analyse the memory.dmp file yourself using a tool like WinDBG (in the Windows Debug Toolkit). You will probably want to run:  
!analyze -v  
By default, you'd only have a minidump file - it should have a stack backtrace of the thread that caused the system crash. hopefully the driver will be on the stack.

Also another link:…cfm/478005.html

It definately seems to be a driver issue (or hardware) and Renoise makes it more obvious.
I guess somewhere in your graphics driver.
You could try to chenge the GUI preferences and check the “Use more compatible GFX updates” option if it hasn’t been checked.
If this resolves your problem (or simply your problem does not occur anymore) you have a problem with your GPU driver.
Lots of Nvidia cards don’t like the speedy GPU updates, neither does mine.

(But if this is so, it is most likely that the speedy GPU code is going to be removed and the compatible gfx update mode shall be the core routine)

Its like when I don’t use vsti inside renoise it will work for longer…

did not see your answer, the gui was not checked, it is now…


did not help, can it be because I have too few ram, 512 ?

As already said by VV: this is definitely a MIDI driver problem. Programs can never directly cause blue screens/reboots, only drivers can.

As this blue screen only happens when using MIDI, your Esi MU4 drivers must cause this. Are you sure that this only happens when using MIDI in combinations with VST instruments? I doubt that this is related. Maybe the problem is more that you release a MIDI driver (set/unset a device in the MIDI properties tab).

Please make also sure that you do not mix up WDM devices with MME devices if the Esi supports both. Especially make sure that you do not have set up for example a non WDM device in the Renoise preferences (for your masterkeyboard input or sync settings) but are then using the WDM driver for the instruments.

Please also try to reinstall/upgrade the Esi drivers. Sometimes such problems fix themselves after reinstalling the drivers.

No, I doubt that this is related to the amount of RAM that you have installed.

Any news on this?

could this be a midiloop?

well, the last couple of month’s Iv done my recording of external synths in Ableton Line 6 and 7 + cubase sx 3, and I did not have one break down. So I thought I try in Renoise again, and after 3 minutes it went down. I tried updating my drivers, or reinstalled them, but without success. I tried a different usb port, and both driver types for ex midi devices in Renoise, Iam about to give up on the ESI. Ill try to get a hoold on another midi interface to see if this would do the same thing.