Bluetooth headphones and Renoise, any good solution?

I wanted to use my bluetooth headphones with Renoise, so i bought a USB bluetooth adapter i thought should solve my problem, but this just acts like a separate soundcard which doesn’t work at all with Renoise. It just hangs and i got maybe 3 seconds of audio in slow motion after 5 attempts, so that doesn’t really do it for me.
I looked at some other options that you could connect to aux input of a car radio to play songs from your mobile, but i’m just not sure i have found one that actually works with the headphones output that can send audio to my bluetooth headphones.

Can any of you recommend a device that saves my day?

Sorry, can’t recommend anything, just want to tell that it is the same for me with a build in (DELL laptop) bluetooth module and bluetooth headphones. Haven’t tried with other DAWs, but i don’t think this is a problem with Renoise, i guess it’s more a restriction of the bluetooth eco system.

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  • Bluetooth isn’t lossless.
  • Most bluetooth headphones also have a cable input.
  • Some bluetooth headphones have a built-in SD Card slot to use.
  • Your computer or laptop may have a bluetooth (audio) device built in that you could use, like Sebastian’s.
  • Make sure you have enough latency in your sound card settings at menu Edit… Preferences… Audio tab.
  • Maybe try the ASIO4ALL driver.

Bluetooth audio isn’t that great and loses connection sometimes. Try the SD Card slot to play the mp3, if it has one. But that’s not for live. Use the cable, otherwise.

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Bluetooth isn’t a good idea. It has too much latency (adding to the computer latency) and it’s optimized for basic hi-fi usage and not music production

Maaaaybe with Asio4all…

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I recently saw this review there are two bluetooth variants

If your sound card has digital connections, you can connect it to a bluetooth gamer headset.
use an old turtle beach ear force x41, need no driver, don’t hear Latency

I already have the headphones, i only wanted to find a way to make sound go from my PC to my headphones through bluetooth. I already have much better studio headphones, so connecting it with a cable would be pretty pointless. I’m not gonna use it to mix my songs, it’s purely for listening while doing other things at the same time. :wink:

I was hoping to find a device that you could plug into the headphones jack and then send the audio to my headphones.
I think i have found a device that does exactly this:,searchweb201602_7,searchweb201603_52
hopefully that will solve my problem.

Totally valid to always check material through the private resort of sub-adequate systems, to get an idea about how stuff sounds with bad gear. You get messy mp3 like compression for free listening through bluetooth. And latency…

Maybe a “bluetooth transmitter” device can help you, if you have trouble setting up the audio system to use bluetooth.

I have hooked up all my little helpers to a 4-way headphone amp with volume control for each channel. No replug devices or resetup audio settings…

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The device i linked to in that awfully large url is supposed to be such a device, a bluetooth transmitter with an audio input.