Blumarten and Seba - Hunter (Hexen synthwave remix)

Not good enough to enter into the official K-Mag remix competition.
Maybe someone here will like it <_<

Yeah it sounds quite good, quite nicely different as well compared to the original.
Definitely nothing wrong with it contextually. I’m not sure what the K-Mag remix competition desired for style, it perhaps didn’t fit anywhere in the desired region but in musical sense i don’t see any reason to deny the submission.

Sounds pretty good to me. As good as most of the ones I’ve listened to. Actually reminds me a little bit of the tune that won the previous comp they did in 2012 or something.

So since you’ve brought it up, I managed to make it into BMT’s honorary mentions with my remix :D

Seems they somehow like aussie pipes then :P

Nice one buddy! Great remix, sounds so much louder than mine :walkman: