BMS Maker


I’m not the creator for this tool. This tool provides users the ability to chart their songs into BMS and keysound automatically. There are couple of caveats to it (pulled from a discord server, thanks Frums):

- Handling of non-"Linear" automation styles 
- Handling of effect parameter changes through pattern commands 
- Handling of LFO devices - Handling of automation on group tracks, send tracks, master tracks 
- Proper positioning of notes when the delay column or Delay pattern command is used 
- Handling of the Glide command or instrument glide setting 
- Random handling of the Maybe command, random LFOs, or random modulation in instruments 
- Proper cutting of notes using the Arpeggio of Retrigger commands 
- Cutting notes within phrases 
- Handling sidechaining or other multi-track interactions 
- Rendering sounds lasting over 512 lines (maximum length of a Renoise pattern)

For those who don’t know BMS

Will be trying this out on iBMSC and LunaticRave2