Board Moved

We have just moved the whole board to a new server. Your stored login cookies wont be valid anymore. You will need to log in once again, and add the new server to your trusted zone, otherwise cookies wont be stored persistent.

Whats the name of the new server?


you are already on it right now its just an ip, but it will be soon called, since we will move the whole site to the new server. if you are asking because you need this for your security settings, try those: or:

ooooops sorry :)

just was so enthusiastic that i havent read the 1st post correctly.

I just said some shout-outs to pulsar cause he rented the server at the same company like me, and i like those servers cause they rock :drummer:

there are no more economy servers, but x-servers. its basically the same offer with some nice extras (cheaper, better :D ). We have rented such a server. anyway, i host my servers at ipx since 3 years by now. i can recommend this isp for everyone in germany. indeed, they do rock seriously :)

better closing the one at anyway.

This morning I’ve opened the site at office and mmy browser’s cache was not updated, so I continued posting over the old forum.

Ok I’m dumb, but I could not be alone :)

Good to see the old off-topic forum revived :wub:

The old board is already closed for unauthorized users, and has been so since yesterday evening ;) So we ordinary mortal people can’t post there so no need to worry ;)

i have switched the old board to read-only mode. let the board remain in the same place for few days, so ppl with direct bookmarks to that board notice the server-change.

Yes, the old board is still there, i’ve added a Please update your bookmarks index page

Yes i did this on purpose, so you can see that you can use both.
loads the board in a frame… (the renoise page)
opens only the board

Same here, but it worked after clearing the cache…

hey … i can’t write PM’s (personal messages) … why? … i get an error message: "You are not allowed to use the messenger feature on this board "

maybe it’s allready a know problem but i can’t find anything in the forum, please help! :(

i think we disabled that personal message stuff some time ago. it was abused for spamming board members by some dubious person.

i am not sure, if we should enable it again, you can still use the email forwarder.

@pulsar … oh i’m blind … now i see the email button at the bottom … :o :rolleyes: