Boards Of Canada Style Chillout Idm Track

I can’t believe it, but I actually finished a song. Well actually it isn’t completely finished but in a state it can be listened. Soundcloud

Yes, it is boring
Yes, it is repeative

I tried to imitate Boards Of Canada’s style, tape mangling effects, noise, analogue stuff etc. Still done completely in Renoise. Overall I’m quite happy with it.
I’ll probably improve it a bit more, so constructive criticism and comments are appreciated.

whilst listening to the first dozen of seconds i thought “nah, this is gonna be way too wacky for me”, but after finishing listening to the end, i gotta say that i totally liked the way the tune evolved.
the “drop” at around 3:13 is really fresh thanks to the longbreathed break beforehand.
good stuff, emitting a pleasant atmosphere of apathy.

nice track very boards of canada but quality stuff

Thanks both of you <3. The progression is really slow yes and the beginning is somewhat tedious, I’m just afraid to tamper with it, usually when I do I just manage to make it even worse. But yeah it’s really mostly built upon the tension and the atmosphere.

Very nice work overall. It could do with some fine-tuning here and there, but you’re definitely on the right track. Keep it up :)

good chill times!

This was a great way to spend 6 minutes! :)

Loved the first sounds, liked the direction it went.

Perhaps a lead synth line after the 3:13 drop would work nicely. Something sparse, at least that’s what my mind tries to layer on top of this already good tune. :)

Yes very nice sounds in here, athmostphere in this song is something you don’t hear a lot, very nice work :dribble: :D

Ok for those of you who are interested, I think this is pretty much done now: Download

So what is changed? I added a little vangelis-like synth lead because it really desperately needed one to give it a bit more variance, and thus also decided to extend the middle part a bit. Also added some other details too especially to the drums. Mixing is SLIGHTLY improved too, mainly just smoothed the volume levels between instruments. There was a small clipping problem too which (I think) is fixed now. Maybe something else too but they were so small changes I don’t even remember them and probably won’t be even easily noticed.

Btw I hope the “mastering” is ok because this was done on basic desktop pc speakers :D (well all my songs so far have been), can’t afford monitors yet…

ps. thanks for all the nice comments <3

I really dig this! Well done on the adjustments - the synth lead really filled this out nicely.

Just wanted to say again that I really like this! The new synth sound is lovely, and overall the track has a great vibe. Keep up the good work!

I have started to hate soundcloud, because it lets people disable the download, and many many people do that too…

Anyways, great track, nice atmospheres. Maybe a bit too Boards of Canadaish. :)

Great stuff! Really hits home with the mood.

Btw, I skipped buying expensive monitors and bought some expensive headphones (well, 350 USD so not too bad) instead. Seemed to me like the better choice as I wouldn’t have to think about placement, room space etc etc. At least for my skill level it was the better choice I think.

Hope to hear more music from you.

great track !!

If you’re happy with 128kbs, which is all Soundcloud streams at, it’s a piece of pie to download ;)


This my favourite track on here that I have heard so far. Nice sounds,great stuff.



Nice track!
Some tricks to achieve the tape mangling effect? Im testing plugins for tape saturation.

I was also wondering how you achieved those effects/sounds. very tasty.

I love the tune very much, specialy the cripple tuning