Boards Of Canada

Hey guys I am just wondering what ever happened to these two I love their music and I am just curious if they are working on other projects or maybe producing a new album, the last album they released was trans canada highway and that was in 2006 so maybe a new album in 2008/09?

found some information about Boards of Canada on my number one source
for label/artist alias/releases… DISCOGS.COM
and some on Wikipedia

hehe… seems like theyr second last EP is called The Bootleg EP 2.
They might be bankrupt… :unsure:

funny you should ask cause i was just thinking that question to my self the other day when i put that album beginninng with G, forget the name, anyway great bedtime, ambient’ish album

On 23 July 2007, a member of Hexagon Sun confirmed on the
Boards of Canada Yahoo Groups that a new major release
by the band is coming up. The post was made under the
username “hex_official”, and stated that an announcement
would be made via the official Boards of Canada website
closer to the release date.

time will tell.

cheers mate if they are making a new album i am well looking forward to the release :)