Bob Katz Kmeter Inside Renoise


Why not implementing the Bob Katz Kmeter inside Renoise ?

As it is Open Source, it would be easy to do it.

IMO Renoise needs more professional tools to do sound measurements.
This is the type of meter you want for live recording, mixing and mastering.
A K-meter displays both the true RMS level and the digital peak level.

Download :

It implements K20 and K14 measurements.
It works with Jack.
It is Open Source.
It is for Freedom…


Its licensed under GNU. If we would simply include it, we either would have to steal it or have to make Renoise GNU (open source). Thats how open source software works, and its good that it works that way. Else everyone could steal free software and sell it.


Well, I meant to implemente Kmeter inside Renoise…

Sorry for the confusion…

But what about making Renoise GNU ? :panic:

Anyway, hope this Kmeter will help…

Thanxs Taktik for the great 2.5 version of Renoise.



Here is the best real time suite of tools for sound measurements under GNU/Linux :

Here is an other one, not in real time :

Also check Jaaa, Japa, Yass here, for realtime analyse :


There’s actually nothing stopping you from selling most open source software, a large chunk of which falls under the GPL. GPL plainly states that sale of the resulting software must be allowed. The only stipulation is that the software you’ve just coerced someone into paying for must retain the GPL license… thus it may infuriate the customer once they realize they’ve been taken for some cash. GNU is free as in thought, not free as in beer… you should be free to do with GPL software as you wish.

… well at least, you can do everything but relicense it :P

In this particular case, it boils down to this:

Apparently the GPL community is split on whether commercial software should be allowed to use GPL libraries without using a GPL license itself

That’s the problem the LGPL license is meant to solve, isn’t it?

Not sure… I’m not THAT proficient in GPL law :P … Is the k-meter LGPL?

The TT Dynamic Range Meter is free btw… does precisely what you want.


Kmeter is GPL



Just do reverse engineering to include it inside Renoise-2.6… :ph34r:


…or make a vst version

… or just dl a vst version :wink: .

Can’t steal free, not only is it immoral, unethical & just wrong… every bit of linux code is embedded with the find and delete your home planet option. That means in legalese, don’t do it.

software that links with a GPL licensed library must also be licensed under the GPL. LGPL does not carry this stipulation.