Boiler Room Live Set - All tracks made with Renoise

my boiler room. all tracks made with renoise. enjoy :slight_smile:


Not really my kind of music, but definitively well produced!

It is really cool to see a boiler room with renoise only tracks :slight_smile:

ah muito legal, para beins !

Real nice, well done

great stuff man! I especially liked the last track in your set, so groovy and smooth!


Great set! :slight_smile:

Switched on the fairy lights, plugged in the headphones, and danced. :slight_smile: Really loved the bird noises part a lot, but enjoyed the entire set.


That’s cool! Which software are you using to play your set?

I’m wondering if it’s Renoise itself – and how might have gone about about putting everything into one ‘song’.

i’m using ableton live

Nice work. Great sounds, good vibe, great set.