Bong Ra

does he use trackers? what’s his set up?

:drummer: :yeah: :w00t:

I think I remember seeing something on television quite a while ago with him making stuff in a studio in some sort of doco…I didn’t know all that much about hardware then, but I recall there being no computers in sight. Memories can sometimes be decieving though, alot of the live sets I heard of him certainly have some sounds which I associate with tracking. What I remember of bong-ra sounded like he was using lawrence’s instajungle on alot of his beats :D(although not really because it hadn’t been conceptualised back then…)

EDIT: just looking through his site now…venetian snares vs bong ra, now that I will be anticipating!!

I saw laptop! at least in his live set-up…
the picture was blurry tho couldn’t see if he was using a tracker or so I couldn’t see whether he usedf tracker or not.

I think he is using Tracktor Dj in his live set up. But I’d like to know what he is using to sequence his tracks.

did some google search with no luck so far.

Bong-Ra on myspace

Why don’t you just ask him yourself?

did you find out finally ?

Holland represent!

Bah… waiting 1,5 years now for him to release my Kriss 12"…

Great music though! I went to his wedding party last year with
Venetian Snares, Technoist, Jason Forrest, Scotch Egg, Sickboy,
Rotator, Black Sun Empire… needless to say it was one of the
craziest parties I ever been to…

Also, check out his oldskool stuff on Cock Rock Disco as Glowstyx!
Booked him in november last year for our first RAVE!!!-party: amazing!!

Yeah, he’s definitely on point. One of the best.

I’m particularly partial to ‘Warrior Sound’ & ‘The Kill’.

i suppose this is the one you’re talking about. perfect rating on discogs…

that new ‘sissy spacek’ track from the french label ruff is quite smokin’ too

hope your 12" gets released soon.

I read in interface no 86, a synth magazine in Holland, he uses logic 6 for producing and ableton live for doing it live on stage…

I don’t know what you can believe of all this, but that’s what they wrote.

No, you’re right. He uses Logic Audio 7, Ableton 6, a Virus TI Polar, and soft-synths like Legacy, ReFX, NI, etc.

haha, nice party :) But why wasnt Aaron Spectre there? :)

I liked his music, till I found out that he didn’t use renoise.

My world broke down…

Things will never be the same…

I saw him perform on H.E.A.R.T. CORE at Recyclart (Brussels) last saturday. He rocked. Great night !!