havn’t uploaded my stuff for a while …

kinda start, not finished, pretty short and more or less depressed :( … tell me what you think, not sure bout the master, havn’t tested on many speakersetups. :huh:

-> unpure (rI) (direkt -> unpure (rI))

cheers :)

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Nice idea, this could develop into something great. A little more variation in beat and top melody would help of course. There is some nasty scratchy sounds in there I’d either filter or get rid of.

Depressed? Hardly ;)

aye thank you! :) … you’re right, its nothing big but on the same hand as simple as the most stuff i do. … i’ll add a drum track, there is only a sample looped basicly right now.

hrm ,… the nasty scrathy stuff was ment be like that, seems i got what i wanted ;)

i’ve updated it rD to rE …

… and added another one, based on the same master. basicly im still looking forward to get it “clean” … if you say that at all ;)

*deleted by me … *

… if you like metal :drummer:

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i think i got a quiet ok result on the master by now … thanks to pulsar for the EQ help :)

This rules. :yeah: