Bootsie Density Mk11 Crashes Renoise 2,5

have just installed bootsies density mk11

but it crashes renoise 2,5 when ever i press play

heres a screenshot

EDIT:have pmed bootsie telling him about this on KVR

same behaviour here

ah… eh… never mind.

a small bump

This has happened with me as well.

Edit: It also crashes 2.1 as well.

Sorry, guys. Nothing I can do here. Even if this is a problem caused by Renoise, its the plugin that crashes and thus only the plugin devs can tell us whats wrong or fix the problem.

i have emailed Bootsie about this

i have this problem too, but if i remember right, ive seen that this plugin is set to sidechain mode by default. maybe thats the problem ?

Yeah I don’t think we expected you to do anything about that…I think it was a good idea that SNS posted so he could get a confirmation that it wasn’t his computer and plus for anyone who attempts to use this plug.

I will e-mail bootsy as well so he knows it is a universal issue. :walkman:

any solutions coming? have the same issue.

plug runs ok in Reaper, Wavelab 6 and so on.

i commented to Bootsy about this problem too.

btw, his plugs are amazing.

i also posted this on KVR some time ago hoping bootsie would respond,but so far he hasent responded

Any news on this item???

Answer from Bootsy about Density is -

“I unfortunately can’t support the more “exotic” host like Renoise.”

So can anyone tell me what so much exotic about host like Renoise?

That it makes Density crash - maybe? I’ll take a look at this again and see if we somehow can find something out here without their help…

Thanks Taktik.


I have used previous version of the plugin on some previous version of Renoise and everything worked fine.

Might help you to figure out what has changed that causes the crashing.

(And no, I’m not talking about original Density, but the mkII)

Can you send me this version please?