BopPad as a midi controller (and other drum controllers)

Hi! I’m considering investing in a boppad ( use as a controller in Renoise. I was wondering if anyone here uses one and what they think of it?

I’m also interested to hear about other midi controllers that people use for drums.

Looks great for people who still want to use sticks for fast rolls…

other good controllers are ableton push 2 ( dont know about all the extra buttons but the pads are sensitive )

korg pad kontrol ( cheaper but good )

akai mpd218 ( cheaper and not bad at all )

best drum controller pads possible - probably a roland v-drums with mesh heads setup or a trapkat by alternate mode…

I would consider pankat as well for melodic stuff if you have a lot of money and can get used to using those short sticks used for steel pan.

but to be honest the only ones ive actually tried and can tell you are sensitve are ableton push2 - very sensitive

and akai mpd218 - slightly less sensitive but still sensitive enough

although ive heard many good things about korg padkontrol and they are cheap.

for using sticks - yeah, boppad. and trapkat, drumkat, pankat…but roland mesh heads most sensitve

I’d be interested to know if anyone has actually tried the trapkat and drumkat…

There used to be a guy called KAMONI who controlled machinedrum with a drumkat turbo…it looked pretty great…sensitive enough to play properly with sticks…

its a shame that guy KAMONI took down all the youtube videos of himself drumming and uploaded some comparitively boring stuff of himself doing sound design with eurorack because he was going to sell sample packs on puremagnetik…

I’m sure the sample packs are great but I liked the original drumming live with drumkat turbo thing more

Heres a demo of pankat ( I think it is the best controller if you want to do melodies AND drumming )

I’d say if you dont want to use sticks korgpadkontrol is best value for money, havent tried it for sensitivity but many people say its good like that…akai mpd218 is the one i have…im pleased with it…could be more sensitive, but its still really quite sensitive…it looks cool, backlit pads.

Think about ‘Jamkat’ by alternate mode in addition to boppad by kiethmcmillan instruments…weigh up your options.

Sensitivity is what you have to think about, so try them in store before you buy…some drumpad controllers are just shit, be careful

Maybe you can find a cheaper second hand handsonic these days…pretty good