Bored at work

What do I do when I’m bored at work?

Order a Renoise t-shirt at :w00t:

So how often do you get bored and how large is your Renoise wardrobe?

What do I do when I’m bored of life?

Troll the renoise forum! }:A

I just noticed the subject title of this thread and I’m glad to find out it wasn’t taktik who wrote it… ;)

Let’s just say I never wear the same Renoise t-shirt twice. :ph34r:

I plan on ordering one soon. There’s a few I like. How’s the shirt quality? Are they thin or thick?

In capatilist america, you have no time to order shirt! If you are bored at work you are fired!!!


Fuck you Spreadshirt Europe and Japan.

i don’t understand you… but i like Europe and Japan. america tried to do alot of things and they did a good job but just couldn’t eat off it, i guess so they sold it to sony and roland and whoever (making what came to be called softsynths and daws…) good on Europe and japan for making it work as a business venture? i like america too? not like it wasn’t tried there…

I’ll let you know what I think as soon as it’s in my mailbox (physical, not digital).

Y u no like them?

When I’m bored at work ? Man :
It never happened.

Stupidity on top indeed. Smash first, ask questions later.
They know how to break perfectly working things down.