Boss Dr-660 Drum Machine

Looks like The Flashbulb mengles his beats with one of those babies.
He was saying that you can program beats without quantizing and that you can put beats in every conceivable hex value.

What’s the difference between a tracker and a drum machine like this on? (other than price of course ;) ) IS there a real advantage to using a drum machine?


i think tracker is better ;)

that’s what I thought. :lol: :drummer:

sounds like 100 times better than the alesis sr 16 i use to have, plus its portable. but i cant say id use it. not when i have milkytracker on my linux pda!

makes me wonder if any company is ever made a hardware tracker?

I used to like my SR-16! It’s hard to believe that Alesis still sells that thing! Same exact stats/design etc. When are they going to retire it from their line-up? I finally gave mine away to a co-worker who wants to make music.

i went to guitar center the other day an seen a brand new one sitting on a shelf behind the counter… crazy bastids still trying to get $150, for somthing only worth $50. i guess in a few more years it’ll be vintage an they try putting a $1,500 tag on it!
i cant believe they still sell them things either!!
i remember being zooted on some amphetamine, programming some really intricate hiphop/jungle beats, i swear if i had more amphetamine :rolleyes:

i use to have it sequencing my akai S01 sampler…

it seemed back then, so hard to get my ideas out of my head.

since i found renoise& tracking, i would never go back to hardware.

unless… it was a hardware tracker. made by renoise!!! :drummer:
(it would have to have OSC tho)