Boss Re-20 Space Echo

does anybody own one of these:

im curious to know if this is a decent alternative to paying lots of money for a actual roland RE-201 space echo? i mean i would imagine a real tape delay sounds better, but if this sounds close i could probably live with that for the price and practical advantages.

It isn’t a real tape echo so I would never buy it but it does have a longer delay time than the original…
There are lots of different tape echoes available. Dynacord Echocord for example, not as expensive as the Roland devices but same quality in my opinion. :D

I don’t own or use it myself but I’ve heard and read good things about it.

looks like the dynacord is a similar price to the RE-201 or the watkins copycat on ebay… the RE-20 is about 3 times cheaper, but then if its not going to be much better than a VST there is probably no point.

I have a BOSS RDD-10, which is really cool to experiment with, and i can get more interesting sounds than any VSTs i’ve used. it only does really short delays though, hence im looking at other hardware echos.

ive wanted a tape delay for ages, but i probably cant afford one. still perhaps it would be false economy to burn money on something else when that money could go in a pot…

The prices here vary a lot, but most Dynacord devices are under €200, I bought mine for €60 and it works perfect. :)
I guess you have to be lucky with these things… ^_^