Boss Terror

We had a gig, the venue cancelled because of a little snow…here in england, everyones pretty scared of snow.
so we booked a rehearsal space and invited all our chums down.
A mate came down and filmed it too, then synced the video up with the recording of the track.
A true wizard.
Let me know what you think anyways…

very nice music moss :guitar:
are you the guy with the monkey head ?

now i have to check out other tunes from your band!

Moss is the drummer I think?

Nice musics + looks like a videoclip to me :)

Good stuff

yeh im on the skins
safe man
the myspace is here
we’ve only got 2 tunes up at the moment, but we’re recording more and re-recording these two. They’re alot more solid now.

haha, i know it’s not perfect, but he chucked it together in a few hours and we were playing it at a different tempo!

I haven’t checked the other version yet, but it sounds great :drummer: :guitar: :yeah: :walkman: B) . Reminds me of music chosen for independent films (not the crap kind but the gems).

I’d say its a keeper for all its snowed in intimate glory ;)

Edt: Earflap hats ftw…I have no heater in my room, so I’m always wearing one, my computer also keeps the room warm.

Cheers man :D

the recording on the space is the same as the video. Only one version atm :(

Oh right, I read your 1st post too quick to process the syncing part, either way, its cool.


good music B)

B) cheers bru

Really liking this a lot!! Who writes the songs?

yes, very good music and surely looks like a music video :)

The singer wrote the lyrics, and him and the guitarist wrote the music…we’ve all been writing them otherwise… singer still writes the lyrics though.

Cheers mun
glad it’s got such positive feedback!

great stuff!