Botb Renoise 2.5 Battle


I run a friendly and competitive community known as Battle of the Bits. I’ve been using Renoise for 4-6 years but this is my first post. Anyways, with the release of 2.5 I thought it’s time to run a special competition centered around this specific tracker. :smiley:

BotB Renoise 2.5 Battle

There are about 6 days left to this battle.

Please let me know if you have any questions or troubles with the site in this thread or by email

Thank you, renoise community! :smiley:

Do you know how well “BotB” is known in the Renoise community, but not your one?

I think 3 years ago I got told ‘Bang of the Boomerang’ or something?

Benefit of the Boomerang. Battle of the bits on the other hand is very well known outside of the Renoise community too. :)

Benefit of the Boomerang is almost dead. BotB is actually Vivace, who are actually three Japanese popsingers. :)

Oh, the poor acronymity of it all!! =o

Let us Battle with Boomerangs for the Benefit of Bits! BwBftBoB™

So wait, Battle of the Bits is actually three Japanese pop singers?

No, your signature is actually three Japanese pop singers. xD

Kindly point at me and laugh if I’m wrong but considering the rule paragraph; “BotBrs may rename instruments but not samples.”, isn’t there supposed to be some kind of sample/instrument pack?

Use the stock instruments/samples that come with renoise. :)

Nice site. I registered a while ago, but haven’t managed to join any battle yet, maybe this will be The One.


I just gave this Battle an extra week or so.

Would really like to get at least 10 entries in. :D

About 4 hours left for submissions. We’ve got 8 entries so far. I guess that’s not bad considering it’s a software specific battle and this software already has dedicated battles. :D

Thanks to all those who showed interest. Voting begins very soon!

11 entries ;)
i would have thought more renoise users would have taken part.
results in 26 hours.
my entry: coopr - egg with two bars 01

Resluts are UP!! :P

I know the feeling, hah, the pressure, ARGHHH THE PRESSURE!!!