Boucing Separate Tracks

yo taktik,

this has probably been brought up before, but i am too lazy too search (sorry).
i don’t do the main mixing in renoise; it is done in pro-tools and/or cubase.

it’s a bit of a pain that i always have to go into each track in the mixing process to rename the trackname since it includes the songname. i would LOVE for it to have only the trackname when bouncing the tracks separately.



nobody uses external apps for mixing? weird.
anyhow, would be nice to know if this could be done. i don’t see any practical reason why a bounced track should be called anything other than the actual trackname.


Ignore this post. I misunderstood something :)

Well probably not that anyone does not use stuff outside Renoise.
Your point is actually clear and not so unlogical.
Same application as the backup methodology could apply here as an alternative saving method:

why are you doing your mix outside renoise ?
i’m honestly intrested. better overview for mastering purposes, or what’s the actual advantage?

i do all my mixing and arranging in cubase (recently) after building the initial few patterns in renoise - it’s a hell of a lot easier for me to select a few blocks and drag em where you need rather than doing it with pattern/track data in renoise - also the zoom function makes it easier to work on a whole song rather than a line at a time - and many other functions that make the process easier (ie audio tracks!)

for mixing again there are more routing possibilitys, sidechaining, better for midi, lfo’s i understand - etc etc dont get me wrong i LOVE renoise but primarily use it as a way to get inspiration and get ideas down fast - when i have enough material it’s exported for further editing cos it makes more sense (until the pattern arranger arrives that is)

anyway back on point - the songnames thing is quite annoying - everytime i have to rename each track :(

I’ve created a little workaround for this “problem”

It still involves renaming but a lot faster.

Download flexible renamer (no install required, just put it somewhere on your harddisk)
Go to “Tool” --> context menu options

Now in renoise when you export to separate tracks fill in a “_” as name

Result: __Kick.wav

and so on …

Now create a preset in flexible renamer which removes the “__”

Select the folder with your tracks --> left mouse button --> start flexible renamer --> run your preset

Hmm still looks like a lot of work when I write it down ;)
But once you’ve got everything set it’s actually a lot faster

let’s see, here are a few reasons:

  1. UAD-1
  2. CPU load can be allready high before the mixing starts
  3. betterview of the tracks and the plugins
  4. lots of small things


Yeah, that would be neat. I’ve yet to bounce down a track to mix it but the track name as the file would be very helpful.

@xerxes heart!

get total commander, select your files, press ctrl-m : best filerenamer I know of.

surely. but really… it just doesnt make any sense the way it is today. when boucing separate channels, the filenames should be channelnames. not song name + channel name.

as a user of renoise, i am used to doing some workarounds to achieve various stuff within the program, but this one is a no-brainer really.

Maybe a project folder would be in order? IE, you can work with renoise in “original” mode, where each song is a single file, or you can create a new project in which case a subdirectory and project file (.rpf!) is created. Would make things a bit more manageable.

I’ll second xerxes’ motion here. It’s a small change but would serve only for good, for I also tend to mix stuff outside renoise. When it comes down to file naming… I’m terribly lazy.