Bought A M-audio Midi Controller, No Drivers :(

Hi there,

I just bought an M-Audio Axiom MIDI controller but I just found out there arnt any drivers for vista 64-bit, and the installer of the 32-bits version wont install because Im not using vista 32-bit. :(

Could anyone tell me what I need the drivers for (the keyboard works, at least it goes on and I can make a sound with it) and if there is a solution for this problem?


Unfortunately no,
But regarding Vista, it is not yet really clever to select the 64-bit OS version of Vista, because most hardware doesn’t have a 64-bit driver version and lots of manufacturers don’t want to invest in getting licenses to be able to submit drivers as well. Microsoft demands very high sums of money to get an official license in order to have your driver submitted to their database.
Vista does not allow digitally unsigned drivers anymore. Not that they won’t work, but they won’t work on their fullest quality if they are unsigned.

A little excerpt from a very interesting article about memory management in Windows in general:

Whole article:

please dont talk about vista here - it makes me sick - it could be so good… but it aint… my vista machine crashes on every start up - if i had any confidence in it i’d say roll on SP1 but having tried the beta i say…oh god no…

i gave up on music on vista cos it was easier to get my botched linux thing to run better aps - unless you have a shit tonne of ram it aint even worth it… i’m gonna shut up now…rant rant rant

before i made dual-boot on my laptop,i used vista 32bit and have never had a problem with any of the vst or audio programs,and it also worked great with my onboard sound.

the only problem,was i couldnt use my external hardware,because i got an old emagic amt8 midi-interface,so now im making music on xp pro,and use vista for internet and games and stuff

hey danoise I see you’ve got an old amt 8 midiinterface …Ive got an mt 4 but can’t seem to install the drivers properly …( win xp sp2 )…

ive also got a amt8,you should use the drivers for win2000(please correct me if im wrong,its been awhile since ive installed mine)but they work in win xp the folders name is unidrv227

they work here,hope it helps