Bouncing Live Instruments To Clips

I’m using a lot of hardware gear in my setup, and now I’d like to prepare a live set where I can only bring my laptop to the gig if I like. I plan to sample stuff into clips that equals the pattern length, and trigger them with GridPie. I’d like some tips on how to do this the best way.

Looks like I can sync start & stop to the pattern when recording in the sample editor. Or should I use the Line input device with MIDI return mode and real time render?

I’m thinking I should record most stuff dry and try to mimic my hardware effects with Renoise devices so I can do some live tweaking on stage.

Any thoughts on this, or other tips & trick are most welcome.

I usually use the pattern sync when recording phrases from my hardware. Bare in mind that there’s always some latency so when mixing the recordings with rendered stuff from Renoise there’s probably going to be a difference in timing. You could also record without sync and manually cut it to the proper length to make sure the timing is tight.

As for live, depending on the sort of hardware effect, dry recording and mimicking effects in Renoise doesn’t always work. I primarily use analog effects and I cannot mimic that with Renoise. I guess it could work with digital effects though.