Bouncing Midi To Audio Tracks


It seems to be either a missing feature, or a bug ?

All other DAWs can bounce tracks to audio.
I cant get it to work in Renoise, with the Virus TI synth.

Virus TI has its own USB ASIO AUDIO DEVICE, and can act as a soundcard.
Then it can bounce midi into the USB, which become ASIO AUDIO, so you can “solid” tracks.

This then eliminates the need for a buggy noisy mixer, or an expensive AUDIO CARD/DEVICE.

I only see the option “return line in”.

As for a DAW to use synths, it dont seem to be good enough, or maybe there has been severe issues with such things as Virus TI, who has own USB audio, and is a soundcard also. I know that Access didnt quite do the real USB protocol, but have hacked it, so that Renoise programmers had some problems to get this synth working.

Anyhow, now i tried the demo version of PreSonus Studio One, and it effortlessly does what all other “expensive” DAWs do,
any synth, can bounce the tracks to audio, so the musician can eliminate a mixer, and use the computer instead.

I hope that you will include this feature in Renoise, becoz i love it, and i prefer not to use more programs, or switch.

I know that various synths are weird, and all kinda interfaces exist… Cubase and others, also have to directly supprt various products, there is no generic way to do it.

I hope you will make Renoise able to use the Virus TI in its powerfull USB ASIO way, so that we can downmix our synthesizer tunes, directly through the USB, into the computer. Thus, eliminating the need for mixers, cables, or rewire to another DAW that can do it.

Rewire to another DAW… no thanks. better with one program that is superior, and can do it all.

Well, that was my request/report :)

I am sorry, my name is Jan Harries (SIDwave), i am a registered user since first version of renoise, but i have lost my passwords, so i had to make a new account. the old account was either rambones or nmioaon, so you can delete that!

Thanks! :D

On second note, another suggestion:

Why not, when a user registers and buys renoise, can he make a forum account in the same name ?

Its confusing to register and buy, and then do a 2nd login to use the forums.


Simply when resitering renoise, an account is made for forums, by the system, to use.
Then all is easy peacy :)


Dont take this the wrong way please. Im maybe the #1 fan of renoise.
I used trackers since the first was invented (soundmonitor, C64), and i have recommended and teached so many people how to use it, and given you so many new customers, really i have. i just want the perfect tracker :D - the synth tunes on soundcloud link, i all made in renoise.

Renoise just became more useful when it comes to hardware synths thanks to mxb’s new tool “freeze tracks”. New Tool (2.7, 2.8): Track Freezing

I agree that Renoise is not the optimal DAW for using hardware, but thanks to more tools and features it will get there. To me, the tracker interface and “Instr MIDI control” device makes it cool enough. I don’t know anything about the Virus TI interface though.

How are you using the Virus? As a normal MIDI device or through the Virus Control plugin? I’ve only tried this using Virus Control, but you can 100% send the audio over USB to Renoise using Virus Control.

If you are using it MIDI…why not use Virus Control? It seems to be working much better in the current Renoise release. There may be another way to catch what is coming down the Virus’ USB channels when using it as a standalone MIDI controlled synth. I’ll have to check when I’m sat at it.

Anyway it’s better to just give virus control a go if you aren’t using it already. If you are you need to check which output your parts are being sent to in the ‘Common’ section of Virus control as well as checking the plugin routing options in Renoise.

If you can bounce it, let me know how ?
I see that we should use the line in return, but from there, what now ? i tried various things… nothing helps,
and i have selected the virus asio driver as soundcard. that dont help… ???

Please SIDWave, try out the TrackFreezing tool.

I don’t think TrackFreezing will help unless he’s using the Virus Control VSTi or (I assume) already routing his audio correctly to Renoise.

SIDWave I really need to know whether or not you are using Virus Control if I am to help you out.

If you are it should be relatively easy to sort your problem. If not try using Virus Control instead of MIDI. Failing that you can set the output the Virus uses in some of the patch settings. The Virus must be running in multimode, go into edit multi to set your outputs. Here you should get a choice between your analogue and USB outputs per patch (page 167 of the manual). You can have 3 USB stereo (6 mono) outputs. Try setting the Virus to output on these as see if they can be routed through Renoise.

I’m still not sat at my Virus and Renoise so I can’t confirm if there is a way to route these when operating the Virus as a standalone synth, though it should work the same way as routing the USB outputs of a lot of modern synths that can send audio over USB (Blofeld, Gaia, Ultranova etc. users know how to do this?)

Renoise should be able to freeze audio from the Line-In device if you choose real-time mode.
That is the special feature to allow realtime recording since was it 2.6 or 2.7? It is quite recent that this feature has been added though.