Bound To Reality

after a long wait (about 4 months!) I’m back with a new song.

The waiting was basically due to two factors:

  • a little inspiration flaw after my previous song
  • the great complexity of the new song, which really beated me up

This song is comparable to Il Principio d’Indeterminazione for lenght, style and complexity, but I think you will hear much new stuff here.

It describes sudden changes of state of mind between dream and reality I had during this period, so it should be no surprise for you if I say that this song is inspired by a woman :)

She is now my “officially unofficially” girlfriend… yes… we have really a strange situation :)

Oh well… enjoy the song, if you can.
(10MB, 13’20", progresive rock / contemporary, OGG format)
click here to download

You are scary, do you know that It-Alien?

Anyway i like it. Guess you’ve used alot of patterns :)

bound to reality!?! …prefer lost in thoughts :D totally beyond somekind twilight zone…

sorry, not my cup ov tea (expect on 1:22-1:23 that very lil jazzy piano move 8) ) but have to praise your incredible strenght of tracking up that kind of stuff. respect!