Bp'06 Tunes By Renoise-board-members

drumartikulationsverschwallung by ptrance
tracked music compo
format: .rns

trip to 2003ub313 by looza
tracked music compo
format: .rns

frostnova rns | frostnova mp3 by myself
tracked music compo
format: .rns
due to the compo’s sizelimit, this is a crippled/lo-fi version of the tune, which i originally wrote for the last beatbattle.

Angel Eyes by ptrance
streamed music compo
format: .ogg

theory exploration by myself
streamed music compo
format: .mp3
this is actually an old, unfinished tune from 2004 which i finished in a hurry one day before the party just in order to have something for the streamed music compo

i hope the other two gentlemen don’t mind me posting their tunes here!
hail to the holy renoise :yeah:

Nice tunes guys.

As much as I like Reed (who btw always win compos), of the four “tracked music” entries I’ve heard so far, my favourite is ptrance’s.

yea, reed is somewhat of a permanent user on the stage during the price ceremony.
the problem at these parties is however, that a lot of namevoting is usually taking place, so that some winners are not true winners but have the most friends / largest groups.
furthermore i didn’t like the circumstance, that the artist names have been displayed whilst the competitions were held.

I should do more “hacking stuff together in 1 or 2 days”-alike stuff. Seriously, I actually complete dislike my tracked music entry. The mainmelodies are way too messy :)
Though, I decided to extend the song which competed in the Streaming Music Compo, since I think this cutted volume/filter fade out version doesn´t sound right and I think about to add some additional vocals to it. So stay tuned :)

Anyway, once again congrats to k303 for a solid 3rd place even when I think it still does deserved more. But well that name voting…

Cool stuff guys. I like seeing actual RNSs of other people’s work.


hope nobody minds bumping this “ol’ stuff”, but incase you belong to those having trouble to play the .rns or just didn’t like the crippled quality, i’ve uploaded a polished mp3 version of frostnova.

hau rein! :walkman:


the long awaited keith303 beatbattle non-entry :)

melikes, awesome stuff all around there, and no its not a problem at all since I missed this the first time ;)

You are so bloody good!
Thanks for releasing this for free :)