BPM Indepedent Envelopes for Instruments

The title says it all, really. Maybe a button to unlock the envelopes from the the track’s tempo for instruments that shouldn’t sound different because of the tempo you’re working in, like a piano’s release, for example. I’d like to just use Renoise’s sampler/instruments, but this is where I always end up hitting a wall. Everything else seems to be there. I love using the instrument editor in its current form for things like bass, but it doesn’t cut it for “real” instruments, unless I’ve somehow completely missed this feature. Does this make any sense?

It’s not like, a dealbreaker or anything but I do agree with you that this would be really great. Sometimes you just want an instrument to sound the same regardless of bpm. This would also make a way for the horizontal resolution to not be solely dependent on the bpm. For slow bpm’s sometimes I can’t get a fast decay to decay quite fast enough.

+1 to have that feature, it would be useful.

Something like the “sync” button on delay effects, but on by default?