Bpm Lpb Mix Tricks?

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I have been wondering if its possible to mix f1xx and f0xx to get at specific tempo of the the song from what I see it should be possible but the mathematic behind it is a bit blurry to me0o

If its possible it would be so cool to see an example… lets say 600 or 400 bpm= f1something and f0something

I really hope someone understand what I mean here…
if not please let me know!


I hope you have an idea about what 600BPM exactly means, id est: 10 beats per seconds, id est: one beat each tenth of second.

that said, if you want to overcome the 255BPM limit which is due to the F0XX command range, you can do the following:

let’s say you want to operate at 600BPM ( :rolleyes:…) with 4 rows per beat:

  • set BPM to 150 with F096
  • set LPB to 16 with F110

now, act as if beat length was 4 rows although you are using 16LPB and you are set.

thats nice! thank you so much :dribble:
could you give an example of 400 bpm…?

thank you so much
dear mr It-Alien!

BPM 400 with 4-rows beat is as follows:

  • set BPM to 200: F0C8
  • set LPB to 8: F108


  • set BPM to 100: F064
  • set LPB to 16: F110

BPM 400 with 8-rows beat is as follows:

  • set BPM to 200: F0C8
  • set LPB to 16: F110


  • set BPM to 100: F064
  • set LPB to 32: F120

wow nice!
This is really good Knowledge to me.
Know I have to understand how you figure out the mathemagic :blink:

If you can give me a good solution on how to figure out what to write it would also be so cool.
I can ofcourse trial and error my way towards it

Again this is nice
thanks :)

you have to start with these facts:

  1. you cannot go over 255 BPM
  2. you have to decide how many rows your beat should have (your “real” beat, not the one you will define with F1xx commands)

now, take the desired BPM and divide it by two until it goes under 255
for example: 600 / 2 = 300; 300 / 2 = 150, which is less than 255, so you will use 150.

I will not go in the details of decimal to hexadecimal conversion here; more about this here.

anyway, in the example, 150 in hexadecimal is 96, so you will start putting a F096 command to set BPM to 150.

now, count how many times you have divided the desired BPM above; in the example, you have divided 600 two times in order to obtain a number which is smaller than 255, id est: 150. This means you have divided 600 by four.

now, take the desired number of rows per beat, for example 8, and multiply it by this number (four): 8 * 4 = 32; 32 is the number to set LPB to: you will use the command F120, as 20 is the hexadecimal for 32.


That is pure magic and looks like its based on pure logic.
I have to try it out more thoroughly when I get back to base.

you really bring it in a understandable way
im speechless

thank you so much!!!

I just spent the last 2 days thinking about how that works.
So thanks, and peace out.