Bpm Out Of Sync With Pro Tools

I don’t know where to post this, in the Bug or Help forum. But bug or not, I need help !

Made a beat in Renoise, for a song made in Pro Tools. The BPM was set at 112 in both programs. Rendered a long clip… While playing it inside PT with everything else, it was OK at first - but the further on in the song the more out of sync the Renoise beat started to get (!!!)

Now maybe this isn’t Renoise fault, but while looking in Song Properties, the “Real BPM” reveals 112.0427 or something similiar. Is this intentional?

Is there something obvious I’m missing?
I just didn’t know it isn’t possible to sync to other programs, with Renoise?
Anyhow; how to deal with this?

I’m very grateful with answers and/or suggestions !

Try using the search feature, there are many many threads about how renoise’s BPMs are not exact, I think due to the tick based nature of the tracker

Sorry; I’ve already looked around (twice now) and all I find is maybe similiar questions but not that much answers. Also most of the topics are a few years old, some up to date discussions would be good.

I think venetian snares would like this to be fixed too


As far as I know no update. There has been no mention of increasing the resolution either, and the two kinda seem like they would go hand-in-hand…


Sub-tick timing for higher resolution was voted as one of the top thingies to be implemented. I’m sure this will be addressed. But some confirmation from the devs would be cool. But I think the devs want the new release to be like “KAZAAMMM!!! IN YOUR FACE, DUDE!! HOW YA LIKE ME NOW? HAH!” Or something like that… ;)

If someone cares; just found out a very simple but powerful feature in PT, which solves this problem for me.


what’s the solution then? :P

Couldn’t one just set the bpm in PT to whatever it is in renoise? that’s what I do in cubase…

Renoise BPM is not only not entirely exact, but quite jittery. I use the electribe-style beatbox on my OASYS card synced to renoise, and it frequently triggers wrong. In my case, i can live with it… it does have the charming quality of making renoise things sound slightly more “humane”, timing-wise… nonetheless when rendering and playing back sampled loops, this behaviour can be pretty frustrating.

Renoise has a few BPM/Speed combination settings which produces an exact bpm rate in the song property panel.

This is one of the topics explaining what was pointed to by Kazakore:

The other topic is referenced in there.

Even at the suggested BPM speeds i have trouble getting accurate speeds to my OASYS card. I don’t quite understand why. Maybe the card is partially to blame. When i set the BPM to 150 and the Speed to 6 in renoise, the OASYS PCI card registers a MIDI Tempo wildly fluctuating between 176 and 184. Presumably this averages out to around 180… but i’m still not quite sure why this happens. I have two computers running renoise here, and both computers give the same jittery response at the suggested speeds using different midi interfaces, different operating systems and different synthesizers.

I don’t pretend to understand this midi tempo thing very well, but i’d like to find a solution for this, as i use renoise as my primary midi sequencer.

Some kind of Time Stretching method I think, without changing the pitch :yeah: