Bpm & Speed Relation

After working trough the manual since 2 days i’ve understood most of the basics (an a litle more :) )

There is one thing I realy don’t understand…
What is the relation (or the difference) between the BPM entry & the speed entry ?

In music terms the speed of the song is determinded by the BPM (beats per minute) so what does that speed thing do ?

Could somebody explain this to me in plain english (of french or dutch )
Perhaps whith a couple examples …



Think of it as divisions per row. Speed 6 would be 6 ticks in one visible row.

Here is also a nice thread to read:

the tutorial has all the answers.

well, almost…

ok thanks for the answers , now i get it
a bit confusing at first approach, since speed 6 is 4 lines per beat.

would have been easier if it was actually expressed in LBP
but once you know it, it’s ok


Dont worry about the tecnialities yet.

The best way is to experiment and then apply the theory to it after!

Here is how it works in laymans terms, with an example.

So, the pattern works in lines, right. A pattern with 64 lines can have 64 samples it. Imagine these are 64 drums

At speed 6 they sound like a load of drums all in a line…



at speed 3 (twice speed 6) they sound really fast (twice as fast)

This means you will have to double space them to get the same SOUND as speed 6

This s cool because means that there are more lines available to put stuff on BETWEEN the beats.

This basically means you have a higher resolution, at higher speeds (if you keep the real world BPM the same.

Make a simple Kick Drum - Hi Hat loop on a 64 line pattern.

Make it at 140bpm Speed 6

It will look like this…







Now turn the speed 3

It will play twice as fast.

To make the beats sound the same as the Speed 6 version, you have to OPEN OUT the pattern…

It will now look like this…




This means you have more available lines to enter information in.

Thus, the resolution of the worksheet is increased

I hope this helps

Excelent vadarfone, I’m with you now,thank you very much !

Comming from buzz i was actually very confused by the speed 6 wich gives 4 lines in a pattern. In buzz they call it TPB (ticks per beat) and if it is 4 you have 4 lines in a beat…
I’m not the youngest anymore (my age is &H31) so it takes a litle bit more time to let it sink :)

The help and answers I got in this forum convinced me about Renoise.
Of to registring my copy now…


Ahh, I am glad you got something from my reply!

You are not the youngest member, of course… But that means you are not the most naive! Knowledge is power.

I would love to hear your music sometime.

If you have any more questions, please just ask.

Hopefully you understand the system now… If not, please continue to ask!


I never usually use the Retrigger feature…

Am I right in thinking (I think I am!) that this is not needed if you run Renoise at Speed 1?