Bpm To 400 Via Pattern Effects?


Is it possible to set your bpm higher than 255 (FF) via pattern effects?
I want to go from 300 to 400 bpm, how should I do that?

No that is currently not possible yet, you can double the bpm somewhat by decreasing the speedfactor by 2
If you set the BPM to 200 and the speed to 4, the real BPM will be 300, if you change the speed from 4 to 2 you can somewhat achieve the same effect of changing from 300 BPM to ~400 bpm by just lowering the speedfactor by 2 and this you can do with pattern effect commands.
And actually this is not really an accurate calculartion either as from speed 4 to 2 will double 300 to 600 bpm actually. If you pick speed 3 it will be approx 450 bpm.

(look at the “Song Options” and then check the Play Options next to the Tempo mark, you will see the BPM rate change).

That is currently quite the only way to get the BPM above 255 using pattern effect commands.

vV answered that one :slight_smile: