I know isn’t much important to do new songs, but to make remix work to other bands, what I also do, is a pain in the ass try to find the right BPM.

Could have decimals, or more like in Sonar for exemple.

we could have a BPM as 128.001 or 128.031 or 128.451 for exemple
or at least have 2 decimals like 128.34 BPM.

I know about the speed, but when you are so close to the right BPM and you see that 128 is too fast, and 127 is too slow, so you will need to change the speed, and when you reach close again you’ll saw that 96 is too fast, and 95 is too slow, and you need to start again.

I think that will help a lot who make remix work, and could replace Speed that will be useless after add a better BPM control.


Don’t worry… a better timing/bpm control is already planned…
:rolleyes: ;)

Wow! that’s great!! I need a better BPM control FAST! :)