Br: Inserting Or Pasting Into Instruments Affects Keymapping

Hi there,

I just found a funny bug:
When inserting, or copy/pasting a samplerstlot, the keymapping of all other slots after it get moved. So, for example, if I have Sample1=C-4 and Sample2=D-4 and I insert a new sampleslot after the first (or copy and paste the first sample after itself), then the keymapping of Sample2 will be moved to E-4!

I assume you’ve hit the Drum Kit button as I can not repeat this behaviour without doing so. Once the Create Drum Kit button has been hit it seems Renoise remembers it as being a drum kit. If you click and drag to change either note or velocity range of any Zone then it defaults back to normal.

The Drum Kit button should only affect anything when it is clicked, like the Distribute button behaves, not then keep the sample in Kit mode (when it’s easy enough to just click the button again if you want to.)

Or simply be made toggable (highlighted means that any added sample will be added to the kit, unpressed means normal mode).
The kit mode is actually to make it easier to add and assign samples to the kit without having to manually adjusting the keys but when this is not intended, this mode indeed gets into your way.

Actually, I am unable to get this instrument out of Drumkit mode! I tried changing velocity or range, but it will always behave like I initially described. This is absolutely annoying!!!
I attached the instrument. If anyone can get it out of drumkit mode, please let me know how, or save it and send it back to me.


Seems you’re right. If you change the Velocity range or Note span then it does go back to a normal Instrument, but if you change it and then back again (to single Note or full Velocity) then it instantly reverts to a Drum Kit again.

Two(three) option:
A. As you are in White Key Only mode you could expand your first drum to take up C-4 and C#4 and then you should be able to work with the rest as normal.

B. Insert a Blank sample, change its Velocity range to 0-0 (just so you don’t see it distracting you) which can sit on any key out of the way.

C. Third one I just thought of. Move a single Zone to a different Note while you add samples and they will also go in the list without being assigned as Drums.

Once you have any single sample that isn’t configured as if it was in a Drum Kit then the loading goes as normal…

Yes, that worked. Thanks.
It is still a bug, though :slight_smile:

Well, when exactly should we (NOT) automatically manage keymaps then?
Looks like you never want that Renoise does this for you, but it’s IMHO really handy that it does in most cases.

Renoise does not memorize if you clicked the drum kit button. It only checks if the current mapping looks like a drum kit mapping. If it does, it automatically manages it.

I think if the drumkit button turns into a toggle, users have the exact control over this behavior (and then you can simply remove the guessing algorithm but simply just check:Is the button toggled or not?)

I think this may be a suitable solution.

Would it even be possible to enhance the drum kit in some way, to give it velocity zones. Although that may be easier with a Tool, so as not to clutter the GUI. Merge two instruments together type thing…

I am not entirely sure if I understand why exactly Renoise wants/needs to manage anything there?
I mean, you are probably talking about the situation when someone wants to just “throw in” drum samples into one instrument. Are people actually doing this? It seems like a lot of clicking to me (since you have constantly move to the sampler view to click on the + button anyway).

What I had in mind was something I used to do in Shortcircuit 1: I have a template drumset instrument set up with the correct keymapping. Then I can just press the pad (or keyboard key) corresponding to the note of the sample I want to change and afterwards any loaded sample will go in the correct slot. This is way faster then doing it from scratch! Since there are no groups yet, and I sometimes need two layers of the same note (for layering two kicks for instance), I then assumed that I can just duplicate the currently selected sample and the new one will have the same settings (this is kind of suggested by the word duplicate). I then only have to change the newly created sample to another sample and I am done, having a nicely layered kick, mapped correctly.

Replacing the existing one? Renoise already does that. Have Auto_Select_Played Ticked and it will select the sample for that key. Double-click in the Disk Op and it will load over that sample.

If you wanted to Layer drums over each other a Tool could be done to add it to context menu…

Yes, exactly. That is what I am doing.

For layering I just want the same nice and fast workflow, i.e. just duplicate the selected sample and load a new sample in the duplicated slot. But for this to work, the slot has to be a real duplicate and Renoise should not manage anything there.