the bassline is way too monotonous, beat cloud be a little bit more experimental at times and the thing that is supposed to be the melody doesn’t really have an interesting sound to it. song structure-wise its quite limited. the kick seems a little underwhelming at times but i didn’t want to make it too heavy.

how’s the mixing? critique and tips are appreciated.

Not bad try maybe different instrument for pad, maybe some strings. It mix industrial sound with something lighter, and then run pad alone for while and hit it with beat. And try some to put some subbas too :) Cheers:)

Digging the mood in this one. Dark-vibed and drony. I agree that the bassline needs to be changed up now and then, and the leadsound isn’t really doing it. Hope you plan on making it 3 minutes longer at least.

It kinda reminds me of Source Direct, and a synth sound like that, would def fit your track imo

Looking forward to hearing the end-result regardless.

thanks for the replies.

i usually don’t mess around with a song after i’ve come to a point where i think that i personally can’t contribute anything more to it that would make it better … i will have to try.

you mean the intro, right? i don’t know if industrial is what i’m going for but it’s a good idea. i try to stay away from subbass because i don’t have a subwoofer.

Source Direct sounds good, i’d like to go in this direction but maybe a little more techstep-ier.

aight, this is final, i’m already sick of the song.
i made it a little longer and spiced it up a noch, changed the lead to a more acidy sound.
the transitions could be better.

Niceee ;) it feels much deeper now :) I like it :)

Hey I love the intro it has a kinda dark ambiance, and pretty cool toms. When the drums come in I’ m not a huge fan since I don’ t like dubstep at all, But FOR DUBSTEP it is very nice ; the only problem for me is the snare, which I would like tighter, and why not with a high pass filter on it.

This track sounds nice. I like the bass, toms, and sci fi-ish synth. Just a bit repetitive. I would add some more drum fills after every four bars and change the bass sound with automated filtering/etc. Pretty good track though.

thanks, but why do you think it’s dubstep? ^^
as for the snare, i agree it should be tighter but i think it’s ok for breakbeat/dnb/techstep to have a thick snare because it sets the rhythm (correct me if i’m wrong). i might have overdone it tho.

good points, thanks.