[Braindancy] Poekie


Yep , I really digg it
I was wondering ,how come all those files on soundcloud look so maximized , or did you do it yourself ?

I don’t know why but I noticed a long time ago that all waveforms on Souncloud look compressed compared to any wave editor I have ever opened the same file in so I wouldn’t trust its representation.

Nice track :) Chillout break.

About this wave form. Its only simple visualisation, some tracks are 3 minutes and some 1 hr (sets) :) and it always has to fit same window :)

Has nothing to do with that! Personally I suspect that Soundcloud uses linear representation while the vast majority of wave editors etc use logarithmic, which makes a lot more sense as that is how decibels work.

Maybe its that. I never thought about it since its not so important :)

Maximizing is boosting up the whole volume level ( not talking about the waveform ,window space across the x axis ),but indeed if it’s just a visual thing there’s nothing to worry about , I thought they could be using some kind of compression method to squash the whole thing