Brainstorming: Audio Tracks

Yes, the suggestion is great, but will have to wait a little longer. ReWire was also implemented to circumvent this problem for a while.

Simpsons did it!!!

Rewire is great and i use it all the time but it does have major disadvantages to native audio tracks


The day I can use Renoise to record my band is the day I convert everyone I know to Renoise.

why can’t you do that now?

I work a lot with big samples, lasting minutes sometimes. So I can’t agree with your ‘hmm no’.

+1 It indeed seems obvious and logical. Love it! It has been suggested for years, and the devs are aware of the issue, we can only respect their priorities. The issue is inherent to trackers, starting from the very first trackers out there.

Long sample support FTW!!!
This is exactly what renoise is missing. For the rest, it’s FINISHED!

+1 for the visualisation screenshot.

one big + for audio tracks!

yeah not fussed abt the visual support, just to be able to play a long sample would be great…

Been a way from the forum for a bit… Thanks for the support and for the sticky! Hopefully this will be the hallmark feature of Renoise 3, but as it has been pointed out, ReWire support does provide an alternative for the time being.

Respect to the devs who really take these suggestions seriously.


I agree. Since Renoise added a record button, I was hoping audio track would follow soon, too. It seemed only a logical next step. Right now it’s as if the record button is only there for recording short second-lasting snippets.

  • over 9000 for audio tracks, but I’m sure this topic will also pop back up every once in awhile :)

I don’t know if I already +1’ed this one but I should have.


I really can’t think of anything else renoise needs more than improved handling of long samples.
This “vertical visualization” would be sick !
Please, give it to us :)

I’ve never used a regular DAW, but I’ve always assumed I’d get lost in the piano roll environment. I need the lines and beats of a tracker to stay comfortable. However, I think that implementing long visible-waveform audio tracks would make Renoise the most powerful music making machine available (to me, at least). We do not need to be able to edit the audio tracks whatsoever, beyond moving them up and down in order to get the timing right - and for the sake of hearing them even when we start at a random place in the song.

Basically, long waveforms only need the functionality that they already have when it comes to editing. It just needs to be made visible. My suggestion for visualisation is to implement a “waveform visualisation on/off”. The track should look as it always has, but with a translucent/faded waveform display behind it (or on top of it, I wish I could mock it up here, but I am at work - I trust you will understand what I mean). For a drum loop we’d be able to confirm at a glance that the beats line up with the lines in the pattern (and with drum hits in adjacent patterns), for vocals, we’d be able to address timing issues and start play-back from any point.

What we don’t need is a real-time visual representation of what happens to the sample as it is affected by FX, compressors, etc. Nor do we need to be able to cut and paste directly into the waveform as it is displayed in the track. There are many powerful ways in which to edit the audio that would take care of this (09xx, copying snippets of the sample into other tracks (which would be even easier to time with the main sample if we could see it)). Also, we’d be able to turn this function off in tracks where it is not needed, which would be most of them.

This is not hard to implement at all, since it only requires that the sample be shown as a ghost image underneath the track into which it is placed. It might put a strain on the CPU if there are many open at the same time, but, as I said, it would be easy to just turn them off when not needed.

Just my two cents.

EDIT: 1. apologies for picking this up again - I realise it’s a topic that’s been around for a long time.
2. Pattern matrix integration?

The complication comes when you start talking about samples with loops and how to represent them, plus the envelopes we can give them in the instrument editor. I still hope something nicely workable with come about soon.

Edited to make clearer.

Maybe but it would be even nicer if it was an alternative view. That again may give processing overheads with having to resize depending on the pitch the audio is played at. Pure audio tracks, only at base pitch and no Instrument settings on its own would still be a huge benefit to Renoise and would be very happy to see “just” that implemented.

Wouldn’t need anything more.

Yup. Vertically, alongside the note data from ‘normal’ tracks please mister!

We need audio tracks!

:walkman: :dribble:

This is the only thing - the audio track - that i miss with Renoise. Hopefully the details can be worked out.

For the time being, recording a sample and triggering it is an ok workaround.

In some ways, the way it’s done now (samples/triggering) kind of gets the creative juices flowing.

Having what the original poster proposed implemented; it would be frosting on the Renoise cake.