Brainstorming: Audio Tracks

Sorry if this suggestion has been posted, but it’s been on my mind lately. I want to be able to arrange standard audio tracks in Renoise in the same pattern editor as the note columns.

My Mockup shows 2 audio tracks, one mono and one stereo amongst some standard note columns. Audio from these tracks can be slid up and down, selected via click and drag, and edited right in the pattern editor.

I’ve been using Audacity for this sort of thing, but I much prefer the way Renoise handles Track DSPs. I would renew by registration tomorrow if this were added. Thanks for your time,


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You can always try to slave Reaper to Renoise using Midi Yoke, the sync is not super perfect, but at least it picks up the pace in the middle of a wave file without requiring to retrigger the instrument using a 09xx offset command (hoping that the 09xx value would be the correct position).

But you sort of guessed it right:it has been suggested many times before…
And most of us also want this idea, specially for vocals or live recorded instrument sessions, this is ideal.

great visualization Pinwizkid!
a thread about this type of solution (vertical audio) was up some months ago i think, and i just gotta say I think it’s an awesome way of integrating audio, would make renoise stand out even more from the horisontal sequencers.

lovin it.

It is being suggested for over a few years by now……=16323&st=0

I made a simulair picture a few topics back. (as a joke)

Can’t we just ad a separate waveform window below the pattern sheet …like in the automation window or something …With a cursor is to indicate the current position (like in the automation window)
I mean vertical waveforms is like …dunno …kinda …hmmmm…

I think Renoise should “Steal these Ideas” , heheh there wicked … :yeah:

I’ve been thinking of the need for proper audio tracks a lot lately as well.
I started working with different artists, recording vocals and it’s really a headache
not being able to actually see the wav file in the pattern editor.
Please add this feature guys.
Renoise is a very mature and advanced program which should have all obvious
features covered by now. Audio tracks, record count in, better midi file support and
more groove quantize settings for the hip-hop guys using this program. And even
the much debated piano roll should be here soon with the improved resolution of the
I know someone will say use Reaper, use this use that, but I like to do my sequencing
in one program without having to resort to going back to boring ol’ cubase.
Hope the developers take your idea seriously. It would make renoise a more complete
recording solution.
By the way…Renoise rocks.

I have a feeling there’s other more serious items to take care of in ReNoise before this.

The fact is that other programs handle this aspect of audio production better already. 75 USD gets you eXT2 which you can use as a plug in, get your audio tracks along with transparent timestretching.

Would be nice if ReNoise did everything, but for right now, it’s a tracker, not a DAW. It’s just hard to remember it’s a tracker when it’s so damn nice…

i agree, it somewhat feels awkward. but i assume it would only take some time of getting used to.
placing the audiotracks horizontally, similar to the automations, is a good idea… but it would imply some downsides as well… like only being able to see one audiotrack at once and not having the direct relation between audio- and patterndata (visually).
maybe that would be worth some kind of alternative option in the preferences.

i don’t think that the term “tracker” disqualifies for being classified as a DAW. at least renoise is on its best way to prove that imo.

the flexibility of renoise goes against this idea: I mean, what to do when you reuse the same pattern multiple times in the song?

the only solution according to me is that, when you insert an audio track, Renoise should warn you about the existence of patterns which are used more than once, and ask if they should be automatically converted to unique instances, otherwise the audio track cannot be inserted

I would leave the actual audio track separated from the pattern, the only thing that remains is the position among the rest of the tracks.
Probably we could then combine the wave-tracks with the long awaited 09xx restructured block and offset markers so you could in theory add 09xx commands inside the wave-track and Renoise then just playing these samples from that offset.
That last thing will probably a hell to implement, but i guess having a fixed wave-track that will be played along only allowing effects to be applied on it, should be doable.
If someone wants a snippet using 09xx, then just use an ordinary track for that.

I know it might feel half-assed that way… but alone for vocal tracks this would be soooo useful…

It’s a great idea, and what makes it even better is you can see the volume of each bit of the tune in a track at a glance (which obviously going to the mixer doesn’t give).

Eventually, we can have the automation areas also going vertical alongside each track, and next to each note. It would be tracker bliss.

Naturally it would be good to have the ability to hide/show various columns however. Renoise can’t as yet give the option to automatically hide note columns when no notes appear in them for example.

We’ll also need good super-wide screens for all this ;) I may get that 32" LCD…

it’s not so bad i believe some mixing software programs had similar visualisation but might be wrong, anyway it is only matter of taste imo - visually if you could just extend size of such track like you do with regular track when you are adding columns you could adjust the visualisation more to your liking - if we would introduce this kind of new concept, maybe there could be a dropbox for each track where you could pick what you see - pattern data - the same stuff you see now , audio track - new idea - but what i would find pretty cool would be automation treated in similar way, when you could draw lines for it directly in your track and when you would be done, you would just change it back to regular “pattern data”

i think the obvious choice of wave-display is VERTICAL
pattern rolls vertically, so why shouldn’t audio tracks do?

imagine how easy it would be to nudge an audio-track up/down to fit the timing, because then you can actually SEE the peaks and compare them to the regular notes inserted in the pattern.

and most of all, this would allow us to view not only ONE, but all audiotracks, just like in Pinwizkid’s image.

and, for what it’s worth - vertical audio tracks would look damn cool if you ask me!!

Vote vertical! rolleyes.gif

YAY! I have been thinking about this for months!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE

btw vertical waves have already been implemented elsewhere, and they are totally ok to work with.
no need to get used to them, - you just use them!

I only add, that audio tracks absolutely must not be locked to single patterns (because of what ITAlien said), - they must be laid down in the sequence.

This picture is not the best-looking example, but at least it’s a piece of working thing and not a graphic mashup.
i’m sure Renoise will incorporate this much better and finally become the awesomest audio sequencer!

If the audiotrack would be implemented, I hope it would have the same features as the sample editor does, together with a few additions:

  • Selecting an area of the sample and drag 'n dropping it within the sample.
  • Zoom, for whole patterns or just the audiotrack. This would be quite mandatory, otherwise the functionality of the audiotrack wouldn’t be taken to the max.

Anyways, it’s a great idea but how to implement it is above my knowledge. But in case the dev team can manage this, it’ll be the greatest update ever.


It would make Renoise rise above the ‘tracker’ status!