Braintwister - Admission Cycle

hi there :)

after weeks of analysing and testing i´ve something new ready.



have fun!

Nice energy!

Tech & Baze! very cool.
sounds good, and tight!

i really appreciate the small details and variations here and there.

nice work brainman B)

The bounce after the second drop (2:45) is my favorite. It’s got like… this female vocal stab in it on top. Cool stuffs there.

Track is dominated by this neuro-start-stop fidgety feel to it, mint. Would it benefit from some think break laid over rests between movements? I dunno. Solid as is, but I’m always convinced things can cross-rhythm and shuffle a bit more to be filled out. Even if you set the break way back quiet and highpassed. But then again that’s liquid dnb talking. I cant handle the hard stuff anymore.

Great overall here, thanks for sharing.

thanks for the comments :)

maybe you are right, there is indeed a lot that could be improved. but after working nearly one week on this tune i´ve became a bit lazy.
my maingoal is to get the overall sound bigger and cleaner at the moment.