Braintwister - Behind The Corner Ep

hi renoisers !

ive put together a small EP with 3 tunes. i dont know what else i could do with this musics :D
this time no drum&bass, just tested something new.

Braintwister - Behind The Corner EP

however, i hope someone like this anyway and give some comments, please.

thanks for your comment, nice to hear that you like “Rapture” most, it`s my favorite too ;)

Hey Pal, finally I manage to write some comments to your tracks.

“Grow Further” is really great to just chill out and sit back and relax. I love those soundfx/instruments and sometimes I really like to relax to nice and chill music.

“The Man Behind the Corner” is quite cool Mark Shake is shaking his head.

Rapture: Damn, why does everybody make cooler pad-sounds than me :)


Quite original and so absolutely chanceless to get a record deal evilgrin - seriously, me likes.

nice work kasmo!
and i think the three tracks fits well together as an ep, feels like they belong together.

“Grow further” is definitely the one i enjoyed the most. diggin it.
the only thing i noticed, was that it starts off a little “sudden”…
feels like it could need an intro of some sort (?). but hey it might be just me :)
keep it up!