Braintwister - Deeper Basement

hi again !

another week is over and ive finished something new. this time ive tryed to make a more powerfull mix, hope this works.

first time i`m almost satisfied with the result, so check this one and please give me some comments
about the mix and the overall feeling of the tune.

thanks :)
[Braintwister - Deeper Basement]( - Deeper Basement.mp3)

i use compression on the drums, mainly parallel compression. i always forget this on the bass lol.
i will play around with compression on the bass in the next tune!
thanks lili :)

Nice tune dude, I like the bass. Great athmosphere

Cool stuff. I like it alot. Though lili is right about the bass. The final punch is missing somehow. But great track nonetheless… :)

EDIT: since i saw you are a “scener”, will you attend to Breakpoint 2010? I will be there from saturday to sunday…

i have no time to go to the breakpoint, and never was there.
i`m more active in the c64 scene so i will be at “X 2010” ;)