Braintwister - Shortcuts


just uploaded something new to soundcloud i like to share with you.
tryed some different basslines, based on stuff i normaly do on the c64.
hope this works for some people :)


have fun, feedback is welcome !


Awesome funky style, that’s what I like the most. I hear effort put in the bassline. Very positive surprising tune - it takes the best from c64 (modern Maniacs of Noise? ;)). Added to the playlist, very good production.

lovin this track…bring on the funk!!!:slight_smile:

Really enjoyed listening to this one, good work.

Very enjoyable indeed! Goes well with my recent love for Global Goon too!!!

hey, thanks for the nice comments :)

well, i´ve been more a big “vibrants” fanboy in 1990, but yes Jeroen Tel introduced that 90 funk style on the c64 afaik.
i´ve allways basslines like this in my head maybe it´s time to let them out :D



Great bass line, and this funky electro style :) very good :)

Yesss, this stuff is good! keep it up!

Great tune man.

Reminds me fondly of the NES game BattleToads.

Or Cyborg Justice for the SEGA Genisis. Particularly the funky bass synth.

loving that bass, funky stuff.