Here is something i have been workin on. If you have some constructive critics, i wouldn’t mind. :)


I like it.


compare 2:00 to 3:50

the accompaniment is exactly the same. only the voice of kate is added. that’s too boring I guess.
I’d like to hear some more there.

The style is interesting.

Keep it up!

I’d like to hear a new improved version. Got one?! :slight_smile:

O pretty nice remix like the bre bre breakbeat style :) Voice could be more sliced :) and more fun with it on track :)

Thanks for the comments. Good points. I’ll look into it. My next plan for it is to create some variosity.

that entire breakdown/interlude is way too long. if you do a 1:50 interlude, you need to use whatever you have to make it interesting enough for people to enjoy in full. with this interlude, there is too little variation. it sounds like the bass is on a LFO-controlled lowpass-filter with some phasing and stuff, and after a while it starts to repeat itself. mind you, i really like the sounds in that interlude. its just not enough to justify 1:50.

also, with respect to the abovementioned bass LFO’ing, it sounds like it’s looping over and over untill the end, and then suddenly it drops away and the beats kick in. you should build that stuff up more, with a sweep or something. switch off the LFO at a low point (when it’s quiet, where the filter does not let much through) and automate it manually from there till the end to create your own buildup. edit: listened closely again and think what i’m describing as a sudden transition from interlude to beats, may not be due to a lack of buildup (although if it’s indeed there the buildup could be stronger imo), but because the bass drops down the filter right before the beats kick in, leaving a ‘gap’.

furthermore… let’s call the singing accompanied by a lead the ‘chorus’ (01:36 - 02:04). when the girl (kate?) sings her ‘verse’ (so without accompaniment from the lead), it sounds a bit boring (01:11 - 01:36). the beat goes on, and so does the singing, and there is nothing too lift it all up. try adding the vocals in for the second time with a weird filter or something, scattering the sound or giving it texture in some way, and play that behind the normal vocals. something like that.

this may all sound more like destructive criticism, but its really not. i enjoyed the song, and the style is indeed interesting. a really relaxed beat (even though its fast) and solid sounds. great job.

I agree about it to being repetitive at the moment. That’s next thing i’m focusing on, it’s work in progress after all. ;)
I’ll concider these tips when i’m working on this track again.

I prefer honest opinion in good and bad, especially when there is something to back it up. It’s the only way to grow. :)