Break Rolls - Pitch Slides - Speed Settings

so after hearing mr tom jenkinson on venus no 17 i am trying to understand/recreate how he programs a break


bpm 492 speed 3


each note is a hit of the amen

so the break can be played in its entirety as a roll

but each note is repeated so much and to such an extent that you get a kind of high pitched roll effect

now i can do this what with pitching each hit up and increasing speed to 1
but 1 is obviously not half of 3 so the break is played at a different apparent tempo

(by the way it would be great to get the ability to have speed 1.5)

and it still isnt as highly pitched as on tundra 4 etc which sounds really really high
i am wondering if he manages this by using kontakt or another sampler or simply by chopping up samples himself in another program

or lastly if the hardware sequencer that he is using has a really high resolution of 1/128 or more

anyone know what i mean?


listening to nowadays squarepusher tracks makes me think of listening to the sounds of an engineer, not looking for writing a “song”, but looking for new ways and quirks to make things sound unique and uncommon.
i really dont know his new stuff and so i never heard about venus 17.
one sound is always better than a thousand words - so uploading the appropriate excerpt of the tune in question would certainly not hurt for understanding.

what about speed 3 + bpm*2?

sorry not sure about bpm effect commands?

what do mean exactly?

as far as the track goes…i have no idea at all how to upload the excerpt


in your first post you were trying to achieve a higher resolution by switching from speed 3 to 1.
you mentioned that by using that method, you’d lose your actual BPM, because it’s an uneven change.
i suggested to stay at speed three, but double the respective bpm.
(eg. speed 3, bpm 130 = 8 rows a beat ===> speed 3, bpm 260 = 16 rows a beat, higher resolution.)

if you got it as an mp3, just cut out the part of interest and upload it to some service like rapidshare or alike (
it’s really easy and just requires a few steps…

with a name like keith303 is seems strange to me that you dont like sqrpshrs recent stuff…when he is the king of 303…ultravisitor especially

but anyway

okay i will try the upload thing

problem is

i am already at 492 bpm so doubling up is a little difficult

squarepusher knew to convince with tracks like “come on my selector”, “full rinse” and the stereotype EP containing the marvellous “whooshki”, which represents the kind of TB303 madness i tend to like.
his more recent stuff has become way too abstract and conceptless. same goes for aphex twin. i love and admire his old stuff (everything before “drukqs”) but don’t care about the newer stuff (druqks, analord, etc), because it has, in my opinion, not much to do with what i consider as “music”.
so just because my alter-ego holds the 303 suffix does not mean that i go crazy on anything which incorporates that roland synth.
besides that, those numbers are meant to indicate my passion towards electronic music - somewhat like a symbol. nothing more, nothing less. :)

@initial topic
492bpm @speed 3?
well… not everybody needs THAT much of a high resolution - but if you do, you will sure know why you do and i hope it’s not just because of drumrolls… you sure are aware about the retrigger pattern effect?

another approach to double your resolution:
enter speed changes throughout the patterns jumping from speed 1 to speed 2 every second row. this way you could “simulate” a speed of 1.5.

i promise you

spend 1 week with ultravisitor amd you will be in absolute awe
its simply better than everything else
nobody comes close
they are all copy cats and clones of aphec autechre and sqrpusher
it makes everyone else seem petty and ridiculous
the concept is simply the process of producing such music
its all in the process
like sportsmen have the zone
so do musicians
ultravisitor is like michael jordan slam dunk contest circa 1989 etc
out of this world good

it just needs a little patience

dont judge it according to his old stuff

damn i havent listened to these in a long time.

bundeano: if you like the mental amen edits, there are others much more adept at mashing it.

to name a few:

soundmurderer, 16 armed jack, 0=0

i find something very interesting about your comment:

“nobody comes close
they are all copy cats and clones of aphec autechre and sqrpusher”

if you knew where they are coming from, you would think much differently about them.

-they are the copycats!


The buffersynthesizers would be the best option to get the sound. A tracker in itself won’t do. The editing remains painstaking, if you want every measure to be different. You could set it up as a send and fade it in and out.