Break The Silence

Produced in 4 days for a radio show anniversary special, wish i had more time to fix the sound but it’s alright i guess.
This is my second dnb song since 1997. All made in renoise ofc.

Fairly straight forward dnb beat with some whole song re-triggering.
Total tracks in this xrns were 72 (including group tracks) with 92 Instruments/Sounds in total.

Vocals by me and my friend.

Enjoy :)

Sounds like she, so no complaints. At first I was a bit terrified with the retrigger overload, but once the song was finished I didn’t feel bad about it. Had to take it out for another spin. Also have to point out that I’m a fan of your song lengths, hah! Ignite, rampage, shut it down.

Pretty cool lain. I miss your streams.

Excellent track. If I could ever see XRNS of such a song… :wink:

+1 :D

nice take man , greatg combination of electro and dnb :walkman:

Very Awesome!