[breakbeat house] Oelek - Quickies EP

It has been a while since I’ve put some new music up on my bandcamp page. A beautiful daughter, a full time job and last year worth of corona shenanigans to blame. Chiseling away at 9 releases in the background, from jungle gabber to disco though :slight_smile: , this is the first release after a 2 year break. Some idmhouse for lack of better description under the Oelek moniker. Enjoy or not have a great new year either way :slight_smile: , grts, Rico

Check it here;

An example;


The 1:17 part of Kurva Nabuurs is bangin. Great tunes - sounds like you need to start making more!

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Cheers. I’ve been accused of watering down music with too much output in the past, so that’s nice to hear :sunglasses: