Breakbeat Idm Musics I Made In 2001 (Luls)

After some nostalgic browsing through old backups of tunes I’ve created in the past, I’ve decided to compile an album of mostly video-game inspired idm breakbeat music from 2001. If you’re curious in my first (renoise-less) baby steps in electronic music B) , you can find the sounds & more info here;

Bandcamp seems to be down but remember enjoying your stuff in the past so will try again late ;)

hmm, yeah… bandcamp seems flimsy at times with their internal server errors, dunno what’s up with that, but it seems to work at the moment.

As I’m cleaning out my attic, I have uploaded my attempts at glitchy IDM from 2002 in an album as well :walkman: :

hey thiiis is dope !! , in which tracker you used for this?

wow, this is good fun! lots of good stuff here.

i’m currently working on a similar project - wiping the dust off 140+ tunes and snippets made in FtII during 97-99… just want to get them off my chest, basically, but it turned out to be more work than i imagined hehe

Thanks for listening!

No tracker used for any of these! When I moved to a new pc, from windows 95 to 98 in 2001, I couldn’t use fasttracker anymore as it was incompatible. This meant I had to switch to other software, using Fruityloops to export little stepsequencer patterns of beats and melody and Cubase to arrange and cut up these samples.

I think I encountered madtracker in 2003(?), and switched to Renoise in 2005 although I had it installed much earlier.

man this is insane, 60 songs for 2 euros … and there are some really wicked tunes on this album.
thanks for uploading!

Thanks Mandulin! :)

uploaded a bunch of remixes yesterday as well, for those that are interested check:

beat creativity in action

it is just impressive

in a dream maybe I could get your unique ability to create cool loops and beats like that

I don’t speak about the fx, a firework

You’re too nice Kurtz! :)

hey man this is nice but another question for you … what happend to your tracks in soundcloud ? you took them down?

as most of the soundcloud tracks are streamable now on bandcamp, I’ve put them down on soundcloud. Will surely post new material there when ready!