Breakbeat Squelchbass Cheese

wip, started on eons ago during train travels, revisited today, going to process it harder and do some other stuff, but whoring it now anyway luls :).

pretty good usage of a very fast monophonic bassline, that performs most of the job of the lead melodic line too. it reminds me a bit my very first .MODs, I only had 4 tracks max and limited memory for samples, and had to “insert” lots of things on the same note columns of the same track, manually emulating delays, things like that…

Thanks for listening Kurt! You’re right about the .mod inspiration :)


the bassline has a nice melody-hook :) the breaks have definatly got the oldskool mod vibe going but sounds pretty well mixed ! the second half the track really picks :walkman:
excellent work jonas :)

Lovely track mate. Colourful melody, varied and fresh - nice addition of the ‘pads’ in the second half and love the beatwork. Very squelchy & fuzzy :)

thanks m8s! :drummer: