Breakbeat Wavs

High quality like I never seen……at%20Collection


Thanx for the breaks Conner!

Nice little program that download manager, thanx!

thanks alot!! both of you ;)

crap…have to wait for next month…

are they any nice the samples??


yup, some of’em are pretty usable and high quality and of course you’ll find some well known classics there as well - but in top-notch quality (amen, apache, etc…).
i always loved breakbeats… slice, mangle, cut and freak out ;)

I tried those links, but someone is asking me for username and password?


the server’s bandwidth limitation has been reached, so no more downloads for this month.
1st of december it should work without pw/username again.

got terrible flashback from this topic: once saw guy playing tetris with his egay called program where he build his OWN lego world with premade, multicoloured loops…worst trip ever.

Speaking of Tetris

hmmm. this cant be for real…

Ok… I compressed it to RAR and am now seeding it.

Grab the torrent here: break sample library.rar.torrent

I can upload at 40 kB/s, and I’ll keep seeding until somebody else completes it.

can someone help seeding? please

I never downloaded so I can’t but there is problems with rar’s not compressing exactly the same with very slight different version revisions, and some even say when same version is used on a different machine, so there is a chance that nobody can get exact same file as you to share.

Or am I jumping the gun and people have completely the download and not shared :angry:

thnx, i will dl the torrent and help share… .


ahh thanks everybody, now i am getting at least 30kb/s. before it was about 4kb/s and still 500mb to go :confused:

hmm im still getting no full sources…‘the little red face shows’ … .

we’ll see what happens.


Three individuals have downloaded the rar fully, so I turned off my computer overnight. I’m seeding it again now, and it seems like I’m the only one doing so. :frowning:

Go ahead and grab it now. I’ll leave my computer on.

speed is much better now. 50kb/s thanks man

nice thanks! im seeding aswell.

edit: atleast im trying to but the tracker wont give me a break :expressionless:

still getting nothing… tracker is sometimes connected but lotsa connection time-outs… hmm…