Breakcore Distortion ?

I need a distortion for making breakcore beats, I´ve used the one in renoies and I think its ok, but I´m
sure ther must be some better out there, free or not dosent matter…

when useing distortion Iám not sure on how to applay it, is it normal in breakcore to have different distortions
on different parts of the beat, one for the BD an other one for SD and so on ?


or try this:

Lost Technology transforms sounds by taking them apart and then putting them together in a different way. The Analyzer components split the input signals into amplitude, frequency and waveform (harmonic content) sub-signals. The Modulator components combine sub-signals (and audio signals) in various ways. The Synthesizer components merge one sub-signal of each type into a new audio signal.

“Low-fi” filters provide great 8-bit sounding distortion for Breakcore… and there’s one built into Renoise :D … as for “which” distortion to use… you can use almost any distortion… chances are, if the internal Renoise distortion isn’t giving you what you want, you need to try adding some more/different effects onto your DSP chain… you can use the internal Renoise distortion along with a compressor/limiter and an EQ to get some really hard hitting breakcore beats… all of these effects are internal to Renoise.

… Did I mention that breakcore is more about how you chop and mangle your beats than anything? There’s alot of heavy breakcore that uses clean beats ;)

cyanide2 is something I have always liked…its crunchy :)

search a link on - my net connection is too slow to do it myself :P

thanx alot guys… I realy like the sound of distorted drums, but its always a problem for me to add melody
on top of that so maby i should be more carefull with the distortion and try to work a little with compressors and limiter…and maby EQ if it can bring some punch to the beat.

That Lost Technology plug ins sure looks cool but also a bit difficult for a beginner, but I´ll definetly give it a try…

Camel audio and cyanide2 are up for testing now… :drummer:

thanx again, always nice feedback on the renois forum :walkman:

I personally like the sound of the MDA:Overdrive plugin.

That Cyanide 2 kix ass… cool I´ll tjek out that mda overdrive plugin. I found a nice limiter/compresser called H2O also from smartelectronix and a lot of other fun stuff from the same site…


Personaly i liked the origional cyanide better… so I still use it- just does the most demented evil things to vocal/verbal samples.

ooh! that lost technology plug is sick- this is fun!