Breakcore/jungle/etc producers, what is your workflow?

Hello everyone,
I like renoise for making drum patterns then bouncing to FL Studio. Renoise is the only DAW I have found suitable for high BPM programming (over 700 BPM).

I have been using one project to make drum patterns from various breaks, looping individual patterns, then sequencing them in the DAW.reverse image search email checker

Sometimes I add the bus compressor on the master with a low ratio like 1.1 and a low threshold.

I set Renoise to 2x or 4x the main DAW (FL Studio) BPM. For example today I made drum breaks at 800 BPM with a 64 note grid for a 200 BPM song which equals 1 bar at 200 BPM in 4/4…

Is there a reason for doing that instead of just setting the LPB to 2x or 4x the original value?